.NET Data Objects (NDO)


My Name is Mirko Matytschak. I'm the Developer of NDO, the powerful, robust object-relational mapping tool for .NET. NDO's transparent persistency removes the need for cumbersome SQL code in your programs. NDO simplifies storing objects of your .NET classes in relational databases.

If you want to know more about NDO...

... visit www.netdataobjects.com. This is the website of HoT Development GmbH, the company selling NDO licences for commercial use. On the website you can find a lot of resources describing the use of NDO.

If you search for the NDO sources...

...have a look at our GIT repository:
Copy the link into the Tortoise Clone Dialog and - voilá - you'll have the NDO sources on your machine.

If you need support...

...goto netdataobjects.com and check the "Support" menu. You can write an E-Mail message there. Mr. Oertwig of HoT Development will be glad to answer your questions. Most probably technical questions will be forwarded to me.

If you need support in your development team...


Please contact me!

I own unrestricted permission to utilize (and commercialize) NDO, so there are no additional licence costs.