Nr Title Version
1054 Dedicated Exception if user code tries to delete transient object NDO 4.0.10
2609 NDO Enhancer doesn't support .NET 5.0 and .NET 6.0 hosting projects NDO 4.0.10
2646 Change the NDOPackage to support VS 2022 NDO 4.0.10
2771 NDOEnhancer fails with DebuggerBrowsableState NDO 4.0.11
2788 SqlServerProvider: Replace @@IDENTITY with SCOPE_IDENTITY() NDO 4.0.11
2792 Add a FieldAttribute to set the Encrypted property of a field in the source code. NDO 4.0.11
2793 Need to update MySql.Data because of CharSet errors in MariaDb 10.6 NDO 4.0.11
2794 Support MySqlConnector NDO 4.0.11
2808 Support Additional DbTypes NDO 4.0.11
2492 Support Server Functions in Expressions NDO 4.0.6
2500 NDOReadOnly attribute NDO 4.0.7
2501 Provide a DeleteDirectly Method NDO 4.0.7
2508 Bug: Creating a database in the NDO config dialog throws a NullReferenceException NDO 4.0.7
2523 Strings in IN Clauses should support Single Quotes NDO 4.0.9
2559 NDO / Linq should support bitwise boolean operations NDO 4.0.9
2590 Bug: PersistenceManager resolves with wrong object container NDO 4.0.9
684 OidColumnAttribute should generate mapping information for Oid's NDO 4.0
956 Polymorphic Queries and Ordering don't work together NDO 4.0
1091 Encryption of Fields NDO 4.0
1287 Linq queries should support boolean types NDO 4.0
1587 Enhancer Error with RemoveAll NDO 4.0
1885 Rework Container Serialization NDO 4.0
1953 Change Schema Script Format to Support Guids NDO 4.0
1954 Support Default Values in SchemaScripts NDO 4.0
1955 PersistenceManager should have a mode, where the cache is not used NDO 4.0
1970 Test with JOIN, oid and IS NOT NULL fails NDO 4.0
1992 Foreign Key Columns and FK Type Columns should allowNull in ndodiff.xml NDO 4.0
2052 Mapping Attributes should allow to define an indexable column NDO 4.0
2062 ID column for 1:1 relations should allow null values NDO 4.0
2180 Support for Exists NDO 4.0
2243 Support for DISTINCT NDO 4.0
2761 Can't debug NDO DLLs NDO 4.1.0
2787 Implement Async Queries NDO 4.1.0
1086 Fetch groups not assigned
1088 Class Generator Update not assigned
1089 Support of Stored Procedures not assigned
1090 Additional Mapping Pattern for Inheritance not assigned
1092 Encryption of Mapping File Entries not assigned
2265 Bug: Using an Extension Method in a Where Clause of a Linq Expression Causes a NethodNotFound exception not assigned


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