Change Schema Script Format to Support Guids

Tracker:Change Request
Author:Mirko Matytschak
Version:NDO 4.0
Assigned to: Mirko Matytschak
Status: Neu

The NdoSchemaTransition entries in the SchemaScripts processed by pm.PerformSchemaTransitions have int IDs. This causes collisions if several people work at one project. The IDs must be Guids. We have to change the NDOSchemaVersion table to hold all Guids of all Transitions performed.

Mirko Matytschak - 29.01.2019 13:06:06

Tracker_id = 4

Mirko Matytschak - 29.01.2019 13:59:27

Closed former Ticket #1093. The description was:

Schema version should be a Guid. Instead of having one entry in the NDOSchemaVersion table, each change should occupy one row. The row should contain the date, so that old rows could be removed.

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