Test with JOIN, oid and IS NOT NULL fails

Author:Mirko Matytschak
Version:NDO 4.0
Assigned to: Mirko Matytschak
Status: Neu

public void TestIfQueryForNonNullOidsWorks()
    NDOQuery q = new NDOQuery( pm, "dieReisen.dieLaender.oid IS NOT NULL" );
    Assert.AreEqual( $"SELECT {this.mitarbeiterJoinFields} FROM [Mitarbeiter] INNER JOIN [Reise] ON [Mitarbeiter].[ID] = [Reise].[IDMitarbeiter] INNER JOIN [relLandReise] ON [Reise].[ID] = [relLandReise].[IDReise] INNER JOIN [Land] ON [Land].[ID] = [relLandReise].[IDLand] WHERE [Land].[ID] IS NOT NULL", q.GeneratedQuery );

Mirko Matytschak - 25.03.2019 17:36:03

Query string is missing INNER JOIN [Land] ON ...

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