Can't debug NDO DLLs

Author:Mirko Matytschak
Version:NDO 4.1.0
Assigned to: Mirko Matytschak
Status: Gelöst

ILDASM doesn't provide .line statements, if a .NET Standard DLL is decompiled. This is an issue with ILDASM, dicussed here:

It happens due to using the "portable PDB" format with .NET Standard. You need to insert the following line in the top PropertyGroup in the .csproj file:


Mirko Matytschak - 01.11.2022 09:24:14

Subject = Can't debug NDO DLLs

Description changed

Status = Gelöst

Mirko Matytschak - 01.11.2022 09:26:06

Description changed

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