Reference Management in .ndoproj files should be improved

Tracker:Change Request
Author:Mirko Matytschak
Version:NDO 4.0
Assigned to: Mirko Matytschak
Status: Gelöst

Whenever a small change of the project references occurs the NDO Extension will add a hint to the dll into the .ndoproj file. The NDO Enhancer loads the assembly and tries to analyze it. This has some disadvantages> * Most of the included assemblies don't have persistent types. * The .ndoproj file changes very often which is bad for source code control

We should do the following: * Show a list of all referenced assemblies in the configuration dialog * The user picks the assemblies containint persistent classes * Only the chosen assemblies are written into the .ndoproj file.

Mirko Matytschak - 29.01.2019 13:11:17

Status = Gelöst

Version = NDO 4.0

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