Queries with relation names should result in INNER JOINs

Tracker:Change Request
Author:Mirko Matytschak
Version:NDO 4.0
Assigned to: Mirko Matytschak
Status: Gelöst

Currently queries with relation names like "travel.purpose = 'MS Build Conference'" generate queries without INNER JOIN clauses like:

SELECT Employee.* FROM Employee, Travel WHERE Travel.IdEmployee = employee.Id AND Travel.Purpose = 'MS Build Conference'

This should be changed to

SELECT Employee.* FROM Employee INNER JOIN Travel ON Travel.IdEmployee = employee.Id WHERE Travel.Purpose = 'MS Build Conference'

Mirko Matytschak - 29.01.2019 13:06:47

Tracker_id = 4

Mirko Matytschak - 29.01.2019 13:42:34

Status = Gelöst

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