My Services

My name is Mirko Matyschak. I am the developer of NDO. Here you can find out a little more about me and my professional activities.

.NET Developer

I've been a .NET developer since the first prereleases of .NET in 1999. As editor-in-chief of the magazine System Journal (today: DotNetPro), as a trainer and author of training videos, I am still in the field of . NET development. With FORMFAKTEN GmbH, we create large web and intranet sites for companies and institutions. Our LAYKIT is used by agencies and independent web developers to quickly and effectively create websites. This website is created with the Laykit.


I advise software teams on building architectures in the design phase for software systems. I bring my many years of experience in the field of object-oriented development, object-relational persistence and web development.


Umbraco is an ingenious open source content management system on the . NET platform. Umbraco is itself a platform that can be customized as needed in the backend and front end. We have used this adaptability for our LAYKITs. If that's important to someone, I am a certified Umbraco developer. With FORMFAKTEN GmbH we have four certified Umbraco developers in the company.

Click the link below to learn more about Umbraco and my Basic Umbraco course at LinkedIn Learning in a video.

Training videos for LinkedIn Learning

I created some training videos for Linked In Learning (ex Video2Brain). See the following links:

All videos are in German language.