Free Support

Use our contact form to send us bug reports or questions. In addition, we are in the process of setting up a interface for our ticketing system on this website.

Gold Support

If you intend to develop projects based on NDO, we can sign a support contract. At an annual cost of € 2,990 or a monthly amount of € 260,- the following services are available to you:

Complete Source Code

The complete NDO source code is available at Github and can be used by anyone. The source code is distributed under the MIT license.

Guaranteed response time

Gold Support: We will respond to your request within 24 hours as soon as it is received in our ticketing system. If we find a bug, we guarantee the fix within 7 days.

Support from the NDO developer

Gold Support: NDO is maintained by developers who have been working with the tool for years. However, they always have the option to escalate problems to the NDO developer to resolve difficult requests.

Advice on the use of NDO

Gold Support: Ask questions before making decisions that can lead to difficult situations. You are entitled to advice via e-mail or a remote maintenance tool in the total amount of 8 hours. Additional consultation hours can be booked for a fee.