Debugging .NET Standard DLLs

DLLs with persistent classes need to be compiled with .NET Standard 2.0 in order to be used with .NET Core. The new .csproj file format, which is necessary to compile .NET Standard DLLs defaults to the "portable PDB" format, which unfortunately is not readable by ILDASM. Due to this issue, the NDO Enhancer can't produce debug information.

If you want to compile .NET Standard DLLs for use with NDO, please insert the following line into the first PropertyGroup element of the .csproj file:


The NDO enhancer generates the debug information with this setting.

If you want to use the debug information on non Windows systems, you need to change the DebugType element before you deploy the application.

You might consider to use conditions in your .csproj file to use the full DebugType for debug builds and the portable DebugType for publishing.