the Visual Studio Extension (.vsix)

The Extension provides a NDO Toolbar with a configuration button. If you configure a project to use NDO, the newest ndo.dll package will be installed from Nuget.

The NDO package supports SqlServer, Access (.mdb), and SqlCe out of the box. Search for "ndo" on to find the NDO providers for further databases. Just install them with install-package to access the database.

A sample app can be found here.

Get the sources

The sources are kept in a Git-Repository at 

Copy this link into your Tortoise GIT or use the console with

git clone


If you find a bug, send a report to us. If you were able to fix the bug, please send a patch to us. If you want to contribute more frequently, send a message and we'll give you a GIT account with write permissions.


Use the contact form to send support mails to us. Note: We'll provide a possibility to generate tickets soon at this Website.